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 The Quarterly Public Policy Studies

The Journal of Public Policy Studies is a quarterly journal which publishes academic papers. Its profile refers to the Anglo-Saxon analytic tradition known as public policy.

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The articles focus on the issues of public policy in its various dimensions, including:

  • analysis of public problems (challenges, risks);
  • analysis of public actions (reforms) in various types of policies (sectoral and horizontal);
  • stakeholder networks of specific policies (policy communities), their interests, mutual interactions;
  • concepts or theories of public policy (including sectoral policies);
  • models and cycles in a given policy (from the diagnosis of the problem to the evaluation of the solution);
  • attitudes, values, motives of actions of policy actors (e.g. the role of trust among stakeholders, ability to cooperate);
  • methods for evaluating results in policies;
  • indicators demonstrating the results of public activities;
  • mechanisms of resource allocation in public action (market and its fragility, state fragility);
  • sources influencing the shaping of public policies (e.g. intellectual, sociologico-cultural, historical);
  • sources of knowledge in selected policies (policy knowledge); knowledge brokers (expert networks);
  • decision-making processes and styles of action in public policy (unilateral vs. partner actions, anticipation of problems vs. reactivity);
  • institutional factors co-shaping public policy (e.g. party systems, parliamentary systems, public administration).​
We kindly invite you to submit papers devoted to economic, social (e.g. welfare, social security) or infrastructural (e.g. energy, transport) policies, as well as policies regarding education, higher education and horizontal policies (regional policy, public strategies, etc.)