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 Part-time doctoral programme

Doctoral Programme in Economics, Finance and  Management lasts 4 years and offers doctoral degrees in economics, management or finance. All lectures and workshops are taught in English and take place on Saturdays and Sundays, approximately twice a month.
During the 1st and 2nd year of studies doctoral candidates will participate in an intensive curriculum of lectures and workshops split into five thematic blocks:
  1. General subjects – including the most noteworthy current topics from economics, management theory and sociology, with specific focus on transitional economy problems, globalisation and major concepts from the works of selected Nobel-Prize winners in economics.
  2. Specialization subjects – students may select either international economics or international management or finance track, depending on their intended dissertation topic. Here focus will be on presenting current state of scientific research in these areas.
  3. Research methodology  –  a selection of works hops teaching students how to design and execute a research project in economics and management using a wide variety of research methodologies and techniques from qualitative and quantitative approaches.
  4. Skills building – how to organize a work in a research team, how to write scientific text in English, how to efficiently organize individual work on dissertation and prepare for public defence of PhD thesis.
  5. Attitudes building – axiology, ethics in scientific research and business.
The 3rd and 4th year of the Doctoral Programme will be entirely focused on preparation of doctoral dissertation based on work with individually assigned supervisors and specialization seminars.
Specialization seminars - an opportunity for students to present elements of the Ph.D. thesis to a group of professors specialising in a given discipline and hear comments from them. The aim here is to increase students’ motivation and improve quality of work they deliver.
Individual consultations with supervisors – to provide regular and intensive contact with supervisors. It is crucial that Ph.D. students start intensive work on their dissertation as early as in the first semester and maintain a regular contact with their tutors so as to ensure fast and steady progress.


1st year​
Major Currents in Contemporary Macroeconomics
Contemporary Economic Theories of the Firm
Designing Research in the Field of Economic Sciences
Seminar: Introduction to Scholarly Research
Intellectual Property Protection –  e-learning
Current Issues in International Economics
Current Issues in International Management
Current Issues in Corporate Finance and International Capital Markets
2nd year ​​
Core courses
Quantitative Research Methods
Qualitative Research Methods
Preparing a Research Paper

Elective courses (Student must choose one elective course ):
Teaching methods
Application of Computer Software in Data Analysis

Doctoral seminar
​3rd&4th year ​
Doctoral seminar
​There are 10 hours of obligatory teaching practice per year​


The programme is intended to provide its graduates with an in-depth knowledge in the field of Modern Macroeconomics and Contemporary Economic Theories of the Firm as well as research directions in International Economics, International Management and International Finance.

Students will learn how to design research in the field of economic sciences and understand quantitative and qualitative research methods. They will also familiarise themselves with preparation of scientific articles.

All lectures, workshops and seminars are taught in English by the most renowned Polish professors participating in innovative research and education programmes with strong
engagement in international cooperation.



 List of potential supervisors

List of doctoral dissertation topics and potential supervisors - click here



​​​EU+EFTA Citizens, Citizens of other countries than EU+EFTA - PLN 30.000

  • PLN 8.500 - 1st year,
  • PLN 8.000 - 2nd year,
  • PLN 7.500 - 3rd year,
  • PLN 6.000 - 4th year.



​Each incoming student may apply for a room in one of the university’s dormitories.

Students houses regulations, application form, rules for granting place in students houses will be provided on request after confirmation of registration in PhD study.


​Rules and regulations of Doctoral Programmes at the Warsaw School of Economics click here


The head of a doctoral programme:
Associate Professor
Alina Szypulewska-Porczyńska, Ph. D.
Doctoral programme office:
Magdalena Suska Ph.D.
Office hours:
Tuesdays, 12.00-13.30, room 16, Building M (Madalińskiego 6/8)