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 About us


​East Asian Center carries out economic  research in the fields of management  and political sciences of East Asia, with particular focus on China. The Center cooperates closely with the leading universities in East Asia and European academic centres, that specialize in the economic and political issues related to East Asia.

The mission of EAC is to promote excellence in contemporary East Asian studies by:

  • carrying out cutting-edge research on East Asia,
  • educating students for leadership roles in East Asian related careers,
  • transferring knowledge to the public, business and political sector.

More specifically the broad range of activities includes:

  • interdisciplinary research on East Asia in the fields of Economics, Business, Political Science, Geography, History and Culture,
  • organizing and coordinating East Asia related teaching,
  • providing expertise to the governmental institutions and business on EU-Asia relations (in particular Poland’s economic relations with East Asian countries) and current information concerning economic performance of East Asian countries,
  • establishing academic links with research centers and universities from East Asian countries,
  • developing collaboration with other academic institutions and think tanks that focus on Asian Studies,
  • providing advanced professional training in East Asia related issues,
  • collecting, documenting and disseminating information on East Asia by using multi-channel media,
  • establishing a special library on East Asia,
  • organizing colloquia, conferences, symposia,
  • organizing the academic exchange with universities/scientific institutions in East Asia.

The geographic focus is on East Asia, and the thematic focus in on the following fields of research:

  • international trade and investment, 
  • transnational corporations,
  • innovativeness and competitiveness,
  • education.