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 Areas of study

The Unit faculty teach courses on marketing services in Polish and English within Master’s Degree Program and several postgraduate programs. They are also part of the teaching team for the Global Business, Finance and Governance Major, offering courses in International Entrepreneurship and International Services Management. To satisfy the growing demand from business, the postgraduate program  “Service Design and Customer Experience Management” is provided in collaboration with the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw.
Based on the ample experience in designing and implementing empirical research the Unit complements its teaching offer with following research methodology courses in English: Marketing Research, Survey Research and Statistics, and Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Management Sciences and Economics. 

Professor Jolanta Mazur

110480-0355      Marketing

110481-0355      Marketing (English version)

130400-0355      Marketing usług

130401-0355      Services Marketing

231430-0355      Strategie marketingowe


191491                 Bachelor level

291491                 Master level 

Assistant Professor Dominika Mirońska, PhD

110480-0392      Marketing

110481-0392      Marketing (English version)

237481-0622      Microeconomics of Competitiveness (licensed by HBS; CEMS, IB)

237480-0622      Mikroekonomia konkurencyjności (wykład licencjonowany przez Harvard Business School)

237061-0373      Public Speaking - Training

231430-0355      Strategie marketingowe

237060-0392      Sztuka prezentacji - trening


197071                Bachelor level

297071                 Master level

Assistant Professor Piotr Zaborek, PhD

120110-0113      Badania marketingowe

120110-1791      Badania marketingowe

120111-1791      Marketing Research

121271-1791      Survey Methods and Statistical Analysis I


191461                 Bachelor level