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Services marketing is an important sub-discipline of marketing, with well-developed research and numerous publications in the world literature. The first book on services marketing appeared in the USA in the 70s and the field itself rose to academic prominence in the 80s. In Poland the first services marketing monograph was written in the late 80s by Professor Jolanta Mazur, who is currently Director of the Services Marketing Unit at SGH.

Services form the largest sector in the entire global economy (approx. 65% of the global GDP is generated in this sector), as well as in most of the developed countries. Therefore the management of services providers, including businesses, non-profits and public entities, is a topic that cannot be ignored. Indeed, there is compelling evidence that in highly competitive environment the service-dominant logic can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of every project and organization. As such, the knowledge in the area is essential for students of all fields of management.

The Marketing Services Unit faculty participate in ongoing academic discussion and research covering a wide range of issues within the area of services, such as innovation in services companies, consumer co-creation of value, and effectiveness of social services delivery by non-profits.