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 About the Chair


The aim of the Chair is to conduct research in the field of Poland's integration with the European Union and to provide students with a wide didactic offer including general knowledge about the functioning of the European Union and the development of integration processes in the European Union, about the conditions under which enterprises operate in the Single European Market, EU economic policies and about the effects of Poland's membership in the European Union.

Fields of research of the Staff in the coming years:
Conditions, fields and possible effects of integration development within the EU (economic, political, institutional; perspectives of deepening integration within the EU Internal Market; perspectives of changes in the EU financing system; the Common Commercial Policy, the Common Agricultural Policy and Cohesion Policy; the state aid policy; further EU enlargement; consequences of Poland's membership in the EU, including foreign trade and regional development).

Changes in the international regulatory system for international cooperation (within the WTO and other international organisations): the need for new WTO activities in front of a global crisis; the effectiveness of current WTO instruments and proposals for new measures;

The Staff's research interests are reflected in the Chair’s teaching offer and include, in addition to the above mentioned fields, issues concerning monetary integration, freedom to provide services within the EU, regional policy, competition policy (including state aid policy).

The following international research projects have recently been carried out in the Chair:

  • Intra-industry trade as a measure of changes in the specialisation of the new Member States economies (EU-10) in the process of adjustment to the Single European Market in the period of years 1995-2013 (NCN grant implemented in 2014-2017);

  • Visegrad 2022 - Prospects of the Visegrad cooperation in changing economic, political and social conditions (2014, grant funded by the Visegrad Fund)

  • Developing trade and trade policy relations with the European Union Experience of V4 countries and implications/lessons for EaPs (2013, grant funded by the Visegrad Fund).

  • ERSG European Research Study Group on the Political Economy of the EMU (2012-2014, grant funded by the Jean Monnet Multilateral Research Group).

In the years 1995-2009 the Chair organized annual research conferences devoted to the current science problems of Poland's integration with the European Union. The conference papers were published in a collection of books (see Conferences and seminars). Also in the following years there were several scientific conferences organised by the Chair.

Expert opinions carried out by the researchers of the Chair for enterprises and central and regional public administration concerned the effects of Poland's association and EU membership on Polish trade, the consequences of Poland's adoption of the EU Common Customs Tariff and GSP preference system, and other effects of Poland's membership in the EU, including regional development.