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 Student Organizations

Our members are passionate about international law, economics, finance, and history. Among us are also specialists in project management and keen explorers who love to discover other cultures. In a joint effort we create projects aimed at the broaden of the  knowledge related to the current political and economic situation in the world and its popularization among  students across the Poland.
Our circle organizes debates on important issues. Meetings are known as the World Mondays. Our guests are diplomats, journalists and specialists in field of international politics and economy. We are also preparing courses in savoir-vivre  and study visits to embassies of different countries. Last year we visited, among the others, Embassy of the United States, Russia, France, Germany and  Apostolic Nunciature (in total 21 institutions). We are also running the Blog of Foreign Affairs – a place where students can  exchange views on international issues and support the university authorities in the organization of visits of important foreign guests (heads of state, heads of government and senior officials of international organizations).
The main meeting of the scientific circle for Foreign Affairs takes place every Monday at 19:00 in Building C of Warsaw School of Economics (Aleje Niepodległości 128). In most cases meetings are conducted in Polish.