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 About the Department


The aim of the Jean Monnet Chair of European Integration is to carry out research on European integration processes and to provide students at undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels with information and guidance in studying the issues of European economic integration and Poland’s membership in the European Union. The following aspects of integration processes in Europe are of particular research interests of the Chair’s staff : 

  • European Union’s common trade policy;
  • Multilateral trade system (GATT/WTO regulations,  the Doha Round, EU position on WTO negotiations, etc.);
  • Common Agricultural Policy;
  • Regional policy of the European Community; 
  • Cohesion Policy of the European Union,
  • Industrial Policy of the European Union
  • Economic and Monetary Union and the impact of joing the euro area on Polish economy;
  • Past and future of the European banking supervision;
  • Internal market of the UE
  • Tax exemptions in Special Economic Zones as a measure of  state aid;
  • Competition policy (including state aid) of the European Community;
  • Public interventions in the internal market of the European Union,
  • Financing of the European Union;
  • Tax harmonization in the EU.