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Instytut Filozofii, Socjologii i Socjologii Ekonomicznej : Warsaw Forum
KES - Instytut Filozofii, Socjologii i Socjologii Ekonomicznej

 Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology


The Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology On the List of Scored Magazines.

Please be advised that the Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology is on the List of Scored Magazines (part B) - 5 points in 2015.

From Introduction to Vol. 1 No 1 (2010)

Welcome to the first issue of the Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology, a new journal published by the Warsaw School of Economics (Szkoła Główna Handlowa, or SGH).
Our aim is to become a wide-ranging discussion forum for scholars interested in theoretical and empirical issues in socio-economic studies, with a particular emphasis on questions related to Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).
We certainly acknowledge the numerous, valuable scholarly publications in global circulation dealing with socio-economics in the CEE countries. But these are spread out over various periodicals, none of which is based on an approach such as we envisage. Our approach combines the two dimensions, regional and thematic. Our aim is to investigate socio-economic issues in Central and Eastern Europe.
The Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology welcomes contributions dealing with socio-economic issues broadly defined. We see the journal as an academic platform where scholars of various social science disciplines engage in debate with the aim of establishing interdisciplinary connections, stimulating new and variegated research that closes gaps among separate academic departments. We seek articles that focus on theoretical and empirical aspects of socio-economic transformations and current socio-economic reality.   We encourage prospective authors to contact our editors and to send us your work (wfes@sgh.waw.pl). Let our journey begin.
Juliusz Gardawski, David Ost, Guglielmo Meardi

 volume 7 2(14) autumn 2016


 Volume 6, Number 2(12), Autumn 2015


 Volume 5 Number 2(10) Autumn 2014


 Volume 4 Number 1(7) Spring 2013


 Volume 3 Number 1(5) 2012


 Volume 2 Number 1(3) 2011


 Volume 1 Number 1(1) 2010


 volume 7 1(13) spring 2016


 Volume 6 Number 1(11) Spring 2015


 Volume 5 Number 1(9) Spring 2014


 Volume 4 Number 2(8) Autumn 2013


 Volume 3 Number 2(6) 2012


 Volume 2 Number 2(4) 2011


 Volume 1 Number 2(2) 2010





Zakład Socjologii Ekonomicznej

Instytut Filozofii, Socjologii i Socjologii Ekonomicznej

Kolegium Ekonomiczno-Społeczne SGH

ul. Wiśniowa 41, pok. 42

02-520 Warszawa

e-mail: wfes@sgh.waw.pl

ISSN 2081-9633

Editorial Assistant: Małgorzata Madej


 Editorial Board


Juliusz Gardawski (Chief Editor, Warsaw School of Economics),

David Ost (Hobart and William Smith Colleges),

Guglielmo Meardi (University of Warwick, Warwick Business School),

Jan Czarzasty (Assistant Chief Editor, Warsaw School of Economics),

Horacy Dębowski (Warsaw School of Economics),

Katarzyna Górak-Sosnowska (Warsaw School of Economics),

Anna Kozłowska (Warsaw School of Economics),

Krzysztof Kozłowski (Warsaw School of Economics),

Czesława Kliszko (Warsaw School of Economics)


 Advisory Board


Sabina Avdagic (University of Sussex),

Katharina Bluhm (University of Osnabrück),

Jarosław Górniak (Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Institute of Sociology),

Bela Greskovits (Central European University),

Urszula Grzelońska (Institute of Economics, Polish Academy of Sciences),

Jerzy Hausner (Cracow University of Economics),

Krzysztof Jasiecki (Institute of Philosophy and Sociology - Polish Academy of Sciences),

Maria Jarosz (Institute of Political Studies - Polish Academy of Sciences),

Wiesława Kozek (Warsaw University),

Jolanta Kulpińska (University of Łódź),

Maria Matey-Tyrowicz (Institute of Legal Studies - Polish Academy of Sciences),

Witold Morawski (Kozminski University),

Maria Nawojczyk (AGH University of Science and Technology),

Wojciech Pacho (Warsaw School of Economics),

Bazyli Samojlik (Kozminski University),

Andrzej Sławiński (Warsaw School of Economics),

Mieczysław Socha (Warsaw University),

Zbigniew Staniek (Warsaw School of Economics),

Kazimierz Starzyk (Poznan School of Banking)

Urszula Sztandar-Sztanderska (Warsaw University),

Rafał Towalski (Warsaw School of Economics),

Vera Trappmann (Otto von Guericke University, Magdeburg),

Victor Zhukov (Shevchenko National University of Kiev, Faculty of Sociology).

 Basic Information


 List of reviewers collaborating with the journal

1. Paweł Czarnecki   
2. Urszula Grzelońska
3. Jane Hardy
4. Romuald Jagodziński
5. Julia Kubisa
6. Małgorzata Maciejewska
7. Guglielmo Meardi,
8. Wojciech Morawski;
9. Adam Mrozowicki
10. Piotr Ostrowski
11. David Ost
12. Dominik Owczarek
13. Valeria Pulignano
14. Katarzyna Skorupińska
15. Kazimierz Starzyk
16. Krystian Szadkowski
17. Geert Van Hootegem