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Instytut Filozofii, Socjologii i Socjologii Ekonomicznej :
KES - Instytut Filozofii, Socjologii i Socjologii Ekonomicznej

dr Jan Czarzasty i A. Mrozowicki o nowych paradygmatach

2018-03-11 kategoria: informacja publikacja 

​In this commentary, we support the core thesis of Sławomir Adamczyk that there exist ‘two trade union worlds’ within the European Trade Union Confederation, but our emphasis is somewhat different. The East–West divide can be explained both in terms of structural differences and of contrasting expectations about the role of European integration, rooted in the diverse histories and experiences of national affiliates. In the context of recurring particularistic logics which privilege national or regional interests over transnational labour solidarity, the need to create a new paradigm of trade union cooperation based on the recognition, articulation and, if possible, reconciliation of diverse workers’ interests can be legitimately seen as a major challenge to European trade union institutions.





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